Friday, July 18, 2014

Cambria Lynn Larsen

Well the day has finally arrived that our sweet baby girl joined our family. I started writing this post about 5 weeks ago and kept coming back to it to tweak it here and there while I got caught up on other blog posts. Now that I feel caught up a bit I can share Cambria's birth story. Sorry its so long but I didn't want to forget any of the details.

Before I get into it I need to share a little background. My entire pregnancy was wonderful. It started out not so great with some morning sickness but that passed after 12 weeks and I started to feel great. I began working out everyday and eating really healthy, cutting out all sugar and processed foods, mostly because it made me feel sick. I can say looking back that I have never felt better or more fit. I got to 36 weeks and started to see the dr every week. I got to my first "fun" appointment where my Dr. checked me and before saying anything he asked me how long my last labor was. When I told him it was about 12 hours he said he would put money on it only taking half that time and that he thinks this baby would come in the next week! He then told me I was between a 2 and 3. After this appointment Eric and I had a bit of a panic moment realizing that we no longer had 4 weeks to get ready. We spent the next week getting everything ready. We cleaned the car inside and out, cleaned the carpets, I got my hair and nails done and cleaned and organized the whole house.

At my 37 week apt, my Dr checked and said I was a 3. I was a little sad that I hadn't progressed more but at the same time I didn't want to push this baby to come before she was ready. He told me on Monday he would strip my membranes and he was 99% sure he could put me into labor. I left my apt and between Wed and Fri I was having a lot of contractions. I had a feeling Cambria would come that weekend but I was hoping to make it until Monday since that was my Dad's Birthday and she would be named after him.

Friday came around and we spent the day as a family having fun with our boys. That night I had a girls night planned and a part of me didn't think I would make it. We went to the nail salon and then to dinner at Zupas. We were all just chatting away at dinner when I started to get a few contractions. I didn't think anything of it because I had contractions on and off the past 2 days. I left the restaurant around 9 and when I got home the house was a wreck. I had worked so hard all week to keep it clean and for some reason it really stressed me out that it wasn't perfectly clean. I spent the next hour frantically cleaning my house. Around 10:30 I got in bed and was complaining to Eric that my contractions haven't stopped. He told me once I rested they would go away. I fell asleep and was able to sleep for maybe an hour or so until I woke up with intense contractions around 1 in the morning. I got up and went downstairs and started to time them. They were consistently 4 or 5 min apart. I waited and waited downstairs before waking Eric up. With Trey I went into the hospital thinking I was in labor just to get sent home with some percocet. I was so nervous of that happening again that I labored at home as long as possible. Around 3:30 I went upstairs to wake Eric up. I told him to get someone over here to stay with our kids because we were having a baby. He called his Mom and by 4:30 we were sitting in the hospital. 

When we arrived the nurse checked me and said that I was at a 7! I was shocked. I was fully expecting her to tell me I was at a 4 and that they would have to monitor me for an hour to see if I would progress. Instead she told me if I wanted an epidural that I had better get it now! They admitted me and within an hour of arriving I had my epidural. I remember telling Eric over and over how good I felt once the medicine finally kicked in. I was so relaxed and probably a little high off the medicine and he sure thought it was pretty funny. Once I was relaxed Dr. Aagard came in at 6:00 am and broke my water and I was at an 8. I slept for about an hour when the nurse checked me and said I was at a 10! Dr. Melendez came and I pushed 3 times and little Cambria was out. My Dr was completely right and would have won some decent money if we really bet. Cambria came 16 days early and pretty quick with only 6 hours of labor!

Cambria Lynn Larsen
born at 7:48am
6 lbs 5 oz 18 in long

Within minutes of birth she was sucking her thumb. It was so cute!

The boys were so excited to meet her. Trey only cared for about a minute before he was asking to go back to Grandma's house.

Cambria with cousin Eli born 9 days apart.

Going home!

We are so in love with this baby girl! At first Trey couldn't care less and now he smothers her in kisses and loves to hold her. Trey calls her Bre Bre and Tatum calls her Cami. Tatum loves coming in my room in the morning and holding Cami first thing, he already is the protective older brother. Cambria is such a sweet baby who rarely cries and sleeps really well. She is such a joy to our family and I couldn't imagine life without her. I find myself just staring at her in awe of what a beautiful daughter I have. I feel so overwhelmed and blessed to have such a beautiful little family.

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Herry and Jayley said...

You look as beautiful as ever! Congratulations!!