Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thanksgiving Point Farm

The day before I had Cambria we took the boys to the Thanksgiving Point Farm. That whole week I tried to take the boys to do as many fun things as I could because I just had a feeling the baby would come early. 

Bethany came in town from New York a few days earlier and we wanted to spend time with Ellie, so they came along as well as Rachel and her kids. It was a hot day but that didn't seem to bother the kids, I on the other hand was about to pop and spent any time I could sitting in the shade or indoors. The kids loved seeing the animals, going on the pony ride and they even got to help brush the donkey's hair.

We went on the hayride and joked about the bumps putting me into labor. The whole night before I was having contractions that stopped after a few hours. After the farm I rushed home to get Tatum ready for a birthday party and for my last girls night out! It was a fun and perfect "last day".

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