Monday, July 21, 2014

First 2 weeks

So far the adjustment to 3 kids has been great. From the time I got home from the hospital I have felt fine and was ready to jump right back into life and my routine. It has helped that its summer and my boys want to spend all of their time outside playing with friends. Sometimes I would forget that I have a newborn and want to take the boys to do fun things but I had to remind myself that she is still so little and that I shouldn't take her out much. For that reason I pretty much stayed home the first 2 weeks. 

I just love this baby! I could spend all day snuggling her and do nothing else, and I did just that the first couple weeks.

These boys love their baby sister! They fight over who gets to hold her and Im pretty sure Tatum would give anything for me to let him babysit her....not for a while bud!

 At 1 week old I took a few pics of Cambria to remember how new she is. I threw the boys in a few pics and love those the most.

And lastly I have to add some pictures of her in her crib. She is so tiny in it!

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