Saturday, March 8, 2008

Cabin Fever

So here I am on a Monday morning back into the everyday routine after a much needed week long break (thanks Becky!) and what am I doing? BlOgGinG of course!! I find that is the case more often than not :)
Anyways I thought that I would share our fun and exciting trip to the cabin this weekend. Now Eric's family has a cabin in Fairview and in the winter they get so much snow! Eric's family loves to snowmobile and every once in a while they will plan a trip down there for the weekend. Well we decided that this would be a good weekend for such a trip. Unfortunately it was the first time I went down there (in the winter at least) since before I was pregnant! We had a blast! It was Tatum's first experience on a snowmobile...

and lets just say he is not a fan...YeT!!

The weather was PERFECT and so was the snow. We had a great time tubbing behind the snowmobile, snowboarding and jumping off the balcony into the snow! The only one downside to the trip was that this year they had so much snow that it actually did some damage to the cabin...

There was so much snow that a tree fell down and the ceiling started to cave in!! It was a bit scary, but we were in no danger:)

Also here is a funny story... My Father-in-law's best friend has a cabin next door to them and he came along to go snowmobiling. He is a little bit on the crazy side, to say the least. Well there are a few small lakes close to the cabin and one of them is not frozen all the way over. Jim (the crazy best friend) loves to be a bit daring on the snowmobile and decided to snowmobile across this lake. Now they have done this before and it was fine, but this time he had a different snowmobile and guess what happened? Thats right it SuNk!! Jim swam down to try and save it, but it was 10 feet under water! Back at the cabin they had a canoe and took it out to the lake to fish out his snowmobile. We weren't there to witness this but wish that we could have seen it. Lets just say that his trip was over after this last stunt!

Here is a video similar to what happened...

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