Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Have you ever had one of those moments in your life where you realize that its the simple things that make you happy? Well I had such a moment last night. I watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy where a little baby was born with some health defects. The baby was fine, but she had to go through a lot. I have always had a hard time watching a child in pain, but it has intensified since I became a mother. Well after this episode I went in to check on Tatum and as I gave him a kiss he woke up. Normally I would be a bit annoyed or bugged by the fact that I had just awoken my sleeping baby and that he would not go back to sleep, but tonight I was happy. I picked him up and rocked him back to sleep and just held him in my arms for about an hour. I was happy to know that I am so blessed to have a healthy happy baby and realized that it truly is the simple things in life that make you happy. It was so nice to sit there and not worry about anything. About taking the trash out or putting the laundry in the dryer or taking the dog out. It made me realize that I need to take advantage of these precious moments before I no longer have them. Tatum is growing up so fast and it has been a long time since he has let me rock him to sleep. After a long day, having a moment like this makes it all worth it!

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