Monday, March 10, 2008

Tag...Im it!

I got tagged... I have to name 10 facts about myself and then assign 3 others to do the same.

1. I worked at Abercrombie & Fitch for about 2 years. It was the first job I ever had and although I didn't get paid very much it was the best time of my life. Some of my closest friends came from working there and we had some great times together!
2. Growing up in California I have had my share of encounters with famous people. Here are just a few of them... I went to a taping of "Friends" and met the cast...I had lunch with Paul Walker...
I used to Trick-Or-Treat at Kevin Costner's house...and I went to High School with Zachary Ty Brian (from Home Improvement)...
3. The longest I lived in one house is about 3 years, which is almost how long Ive lived in my current home.
4. I can't stand dry skin! Every night I have a ritual of putting TONS of lotion on my feet and elbows before I can even get into bed.
5. My Dad is one of 12 kids which means I have about a Trillion cousins!! Every year for our family reunion we go camping in the Tetons. All together there are about 100 of us is so much fun!!!This picture was taken a really long time ago...since then it has doubled!

6. I get "Addicted" to tv shows easily. Right now they are American Idol, Greys Anatomy, Lost and The Office.
7. I once was almost Kidnapped. Its kind of a long story but a short version is when I was little we lived in a house next to an alleyway and a guy came with a pony giving free pony rides. Our neighbor got on the pony first before I could and the guy took off. My Dad ran after him and got the girl and I was mad at him because I wanted a ride!!
This is about how old I was when it happened.

8. I love to clean my house, but I cannot start cleaning anywhere until I have made my bed. I guess its one of the many OCD things I do.
9. I secretly always wanted to be in a band. In high school we always said we would start a band and I would be the drummer. I guess thats why I love to play Rock Band so much.
10. Eric and I bred our dog Roxy and any day now she will have puppies!! Anyone want one?
Ok now I tag 3....Jana B. ~ Hayley B. ~ and Kelly M.

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