Friday, March 14, 2008

They're Here

Roxy had her PuPpIeS!! For the past week Roxy had been acting really weird. She didn't want to go outside or play or pretty much do anything. We knew she was getting close to giving birth, but we didn't realize just how close she was. We started to read online about what to expect and the signs of labor and sure enough she was in labor. Wednesday night Roxy kept us up with her growling and moaning. We knew the next day she would have her puppies. So after a long night, around 8:00am on Thursday she had 2 adorable puppies. We thought that she would have about 5 puppies but she only had 2. So here they are, one is black like the Dad and one is spotted just like Roxy....

aren't they cute? I had a hard time getting some good pics of them...Roxy is a bit over-protective. The pictures don't show how small they really are, one is the size of my palm. But Roxy and the puppies are doing great!

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