Thursday, April 24, 2008

Taking a Breather

So I realized that I haven't made a post about Tatum in who knows how long. So with that said here is a little update on him. Tatum is at the age where he is just growing and learning so fast! It seems like in the last month he has progressed so much. He started to walk, he knows what most animals say and his word collection includes: Dad, Mom, Fish, Sock, Ball, Truck, Hi, Wow, More and Thank you (all in his own adorable language of course). He also knows where his belly-button is and how to play peek-a-boo and his latest thing is to throw his hands in the air and say "ta-da". Well besides all of this, his favorite past time is when he is getting into stuff. We have "baby-proofed" most of the house with the exception of our bathroom cupboards. This is Tatum's favorite spot for mischief and pretty much the only way to buy some time to get ready in the morning. Well the other day I was getting ready and Tatum was doing his normal scrounging of the cupboards when I noticed his new invention...

He took a case that I use for my nail polish and made it into a chair. It was so funny because the way he did it made it look like he was just too tired to stand anymore, but he just had to finish his work. His little legs were just too tired to stand anymore.
What a
Smart Boy!

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