Sunday, April 13, 2008

What a fun week....

This last week we have had my little sister Eryn staying with us. She drove up with my parents last weekend and decided to stay all week to spend some time with us and we sure had a good time. Well we went shopping, saw Horton Hears a Who, mini golfing and went to a concert. We tried to fill in her week with as much as we could so that she would have a fun spring break and I think that she did.
We found out that there was a concert up at the University of Utah and my Brother-in-law goes to school there and was able to get us super cheap tickets. We saw Agustana, HelloGoodbye and Shiny Toy Guns. I had never heard of Agustana before, but I loved them! HelloGoodbye is a band that Eric and I already loved, but there sound wasn't that great. And then Shiny Toy Guns was awesome! Unfortunately it was outside and a bit cold, so by the time Shiny Toy Guns came on, we were we only stayed for about 3 of there songs. During Agustana Eric looked back behind us and about 10 feet away he saw HelloGoodbye standing there in the crowd. So we went over to talk to them and got a few pictures with them. They were way nice and just joked around with us. That was the highlight of the night...after meeting the band Eric and I felt like we could go home happy!

Thanks Eryn for a fun week...we miss you!

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