Monday, July 14, 2008

Good Charlotte

For Eric's Birthday a neighbor gave him tickets to the Good Charlotte concert. I was super excited because I have listened to Good Charlotte since I was in High School, and Eric is always up for a concert...even if he doesn't really listen to the band. They played with The Maine, Metro Station, and Boys Like Girls. All of them were so good!!

So on Saturday we drove up to Saltair for the concert. Saltair is pretty much a huge warehouse with an upstairs loft. We knew right when we walked in that the bottom floor would be a huge mosh pit, so we decided to pay the extra $5 to go upstairs and join the rest of the 21 and older people. When the opening bands came on we saw right away that we were smart for coming upstairs. Saltair really doesn't have an air conditioner, so downstairs people were fainting left and right! It was so hot! We had a really good spot upstairs. We were looking over the stage and had a great view the whole time.

On our way up Eric and I were joking around wondering if Nichole Richie would be there since she had a baby with the lead singer of Good Charlotte. Right when Good Charlotte came on someone next to us was pointing down below us and we were in shock thinking that she really was here! We soon found out that it wasn't Nichole Richie at all, but it was the one and only PaRiS HiLtOn!! I completely forgot that she was dating the other lead singer in the band! We were standing literally 20 feet away from her. She just sat on the side of the stage taking pictures and video taping the crowd. I usually bring my camera to concerts, but this time I forgot it. I was so bummed. We did take some viedoes on Eric's phone.

If you couldn't tell, that was a video of Paris Hilton. Sorry the quality isn't that great and I couldn't figure out how to flip the picture. But it was pretty awesome because the whole time we had a good view of her, but no one else could see her!

Towards the end of the concert we went outside and walked along the beach as the sun was setting. It was such a beautiful night! We had such a great time, thanks Clint!!

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