Tuesday, July 29, 2008

...Here we go...

This past week I have had my little Sister staying with me. She got here last Sunday and will be here until Tomorrow {Wednesday}, when my parents come and we all set off on our annual Bear Lake/Teton trip! I was a little worried about her being here for so long, meaning that I wouldn't know how to entertain her for such a long period of time. She has actually had a blast! We did some much needed shopping, went swimming a TON, went bowling, watched movies and just hung out. She has become really good friends with all of the kids in my neighborhood...all of her free time is spent with them, they even had a sleepover! I am so glad that she could come and stay with us.

Every year on the first weekend in August my whole family gets together for a huge family reunion. My Dad is one of 12 kids so all together there are about 100 of us that go camping! It is a highlight of my summer every year. My parents drive up from Cali and we go to Bear Lake for a few days and then hit Jackson Hole on our way up to the Grand Tetons, where we camp out for 3 days. This year I am a little bit nervous to go because Eric won't be with me. His family is doing there one and only Lake Powell trip at the same exact time as my family's trip. We decided that neither of us want to miss our family trips and the best thing to do is split up and go with our own family. Its not that big of a deal, but I am a bit nervous to deal with Tatum alone for 5 days. I know that I will have a lot help, but I just can't get over the fact that I will be CAMPING all by myself with him. So wish me luck as I depart on this scary adventure!

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