Monday, December 8, 2008

*AgeNt oF tHe MoNth*

Since Eric started his job with Commerce CRG 9 months ago, it has always been his goal to make agent of the month! They give this award to the top agent who has made the most money for each month. Well Eric never thought that he would make this goal anytime in his first year with this company, let alone make it twice!! Thats right, Eric has made Agent of the Month twice in the last 3 months!! He was the top seller in September and again in November! To add to it, his was only about $1000 away from making it in October too! I am so proud of him! When you win this award they give you a $50 gift certificate to anywhere you want and your name goes on a plaque in the office. Also they have an electronic sign outside the building that says Eric's name on it all month long! He was so excited! Eric has worked really hard for this and this was a huge accomplishment for him! Way to go Babe!!


The Bradley's said...

Congrats! That is so exciting! It's nice to have your hubby doing well at work in these tough times...good to know he's important. :)

Although the sign should say something about "The Awesome Woman Supporting Him: ELYSE!!!"

Vanessa said...

Congratulatiosn Eric!