Monday, December 1, 2008

{Back in action}

Wow it has been a long time since I have updated my blog. But I am finally back into the blog-o-sphere! A lot has happened in the last few weeks...

We switched Tatum from a crib into a "big boy bed", really we just took the front part off his crib. He was so excited and took the change really well. One night I put him in his bed and walked away leaving the door slightly open just to see what would happen. Well about a minute later Tatum got up and walked to the door, said "night-night", closed the door and went to sleep! I was shocked, it was the cutest thing!

We are in the process of trying to sell Eric's car. It still is in great condition, but it has a lot of miles and is just too small for us. So we fixed it up and put it up for sale. We haven't registered it for 3 months thinking we would sell it, so we now can't drive it because we refuse to register it, which leaves us with 1 car until we buy a new one. [hopefully we will get one any day now].

We spent a week and a half in California over the Thanksgiving holiday. We originally were planning to drive down there on Sunday the 23rd but ended up flying on Friday the 21st. Eric is doing some business with this car dealership and the owner wanted us to fly down and pick up car for him and drive it home. So on Thursday night we booked our flight for Friday at 7:00am. Talk about last minute! Here is the car we drove back in...

While in California we took Tatum to the LA Zoo. It was his first time to the zoo and he just loved it!

One of the main reasons for going to California was to get my teeth worked on. My Mom is the manager of a dental office and the owner is a fantastic dentist. We arranged for me to get veneers on my front teeth. It takes 2 weeks to make the new teeth, so for now I have temporary teeth on until I can go back to Cali in 3 weeks to finish the process. I can't wait!

Tatum has progressed so much with his vocabulary. He can say anything that you tell him to and you can actually understand him. He has started to say full sentences now. For example: at my Parent's house there are a lot of lizards outside. Tatum would say "I want to see Lizards" and then he would get outside and say "Lizards where are you?" What a boy!!


Dan & Carrie said...

Too bad that you didn't get to keep that car!

Vanessa said...

Yay! So glad you are blogging again. :D

Shannon Abbott said...

I glad all went well. I cant wait to see your teeth!!!

Geoff, Becky and Macie said...

Hey E-
Sounds like you had a fun Thanksgiving!!! Quick question for you- can we maybe borrow your baby carseat when we fly in so we don't have to pay extra to bring ours?
email me!!!!