Monday, June 29, 2009

[..We are Homeowners Again..]

We are officially the newest residents of Cedar Hills, Ut! We finally closed on our new home on Friday. On Saturday night we went to the house to watch fireworks. We pretty much watched them from our front yard. I like to think they were welcoming us to the neighborhood, but apparently it was Cedar Hills days or something :)

{The House}

The house was a foreclosed home and the people who lived there before were pretty mad and kind of trashed the place. They punched holes in the walls and ripped their plasma TV right out of the wall. I guess that scared a lot of people away because the home was put under contract twice and failed before we came around! So we haven't moved in yet because we are having the walls patched up and painted before we bring any furniture into the house. The house itself is really nice, it has a fully finished basement and a beautiful kitchen with nice cherry wood floors. This whole house is a blank canvas I can't wait to get in there and "Elyseify" the place. I have tons of ideas in my mind of projects I want to get started on. This house has so much potential its crazy. We don't LOVE the outside but we played around with it on photoshop and you wont believe the difference some shutters and landscaping can make!

{The Neighborhood}

One of the things that drew us to this location was the neighborhood. I can tell already that I am going to love it here. There is a beautiful park right around the corner and the house is right on the Cedar Hills golf course. We are also probably a minute away from AF Canyon. I can't wait to get our annual pass there and go camping, hiking and rock climbing in our own backyard! We went to our new ward on Sunday and I can't believe how great it was, we were so impressed! It was just split so it was small and everyone was so friendly. I had a girl come up to me after church and said that she moved in 2 weeks ago and could see herself and I being good friends. I know this will be a great move for us. I was so worried about moving from a Townhome into a home and losing the "closeness" of the neighborhood. I now know that will not be an issue. The best part about this move is that we now are so much closer to Eric's family. Every person in his family is within 15 minutes of us!


I don't have any pictures of the place yet but I'm sure as we start our projects I will be doing a lot of before and after posts. So stay tuned!


{Jason and Elan} said...

I can't wait to see how you Elysify the place :) Congrats on the new place, it will make a really great home!

{ Marianne } said...

I was just thinking to call you and see how things are going for you guys. I'm so glad you found a place so soon! I can't wait to see pictures. My house is totally a blank canvus too. I just wish it didn't take so much time and $$$ to make it your own.

Hepworth House said...

So it sounds like a good thing to be only 15 min from the family. I'll make sure to let Trev know.