Thursday, June 4, 2009

We're out!

Well we are officially out of our house! I am a little behind on posting because things have been a little crazy here but we were officially out of the house on Monday! It was such a bitter-sweet moment for me. I have such mixed feelings about the whole move.

Things I will not miss:
  1. Kids coming over everyday to borrow our stuff or asking for gumballs.
  2. The HOA.
  3. The annoying dog that barks at all hours of the day...and night!
  4. SR-73
  5. The stinky farms close by.
Things I will miss:
  1. The friendships I made.
  2. My house. This was our home for 4 years, we have a lot of memories here.
  3. Walking out of my house and always having someone to talk to.
  4. The low cost of living, being a middle unit townhouse we hardly had to turn our AC or Heater on.
  5. Knowing that I can call any of my neighbors at anytime of day or night for help.
  6. Our theater.
  7. Again my least most of them ;)
I am so excited for this next step in our lives, although I am sad to leave, I still can't wait to get into our new home and have a fresh start. I will miss you Summer Village!!!

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{ Marianne } said...

It's hard leaving summer village and the AWESOME people there. Hope you guys find something soon. Good luck the the home searching!