Friday, July 31, 2009

The [Grand] Tetons

Well it is that time of the year again to head off to my Family Reunion at The Tetons. I just love this trip and it has become a highlight for every Summer.

Thursday we moved into our new house. Here is the first pic of the outside before we fix it up. Once we get internet at my place I will show more pics!

We finally got all the walls patched and painted{sigh!} and moved everything in just in time for my Family to come in town and spend our first night there with us!! Friday morning we packed up the car and drove 4 1/2 hours to The Tetons. I felt a little counter-productive unpacking our house and then turning around and packing it up for the trip!

The Tetons were awesome, we had record breaking numbers of 101 people there! My Dad is one of 12 kids and all 12 kids came with there families. Here are the original 12 with Grandpa Bradley in the middle...

and their spouses...

Within minutes of arriving the fun began with Eric finding this little creature. Eric is such a kid, I guarantee he chased me around camp with that thing. Gag!!

Tatum loved spending time with his cousins and Grandma and Grandpa Bradley.

The highlight for Eric is when all the guys go shootin'.

My little camper

And what would the Tetons be without a trip to the Corner Drug store in Driggs for our shakes and ice cream.

This poor town doesn't know what to think when 90+ people line up for shakes. The line was out the door!


Kelly said...

I already love your house! What a fun reunion.

brooke b said...

Cute house. That's a big family, that's awesome they're all still around. Great pictures!

ccfrosty said...

I'm dying to see pictures of your new house. Any in progress pics to post? :D