Monday, September 20, 2010

[end of Summer fun]

For the last 2 (almost 3) months since Trey was born I have been in full "baby mode". 
Most of my time has been spent nursing, changing diapers, doing laundry (darn those blow-outs!) or sleeping. I have felt really bad for Tatum during these adjustment months because he has been 
slightly neglected by his terrible Mother.

Before I had Trey I really questioned whether I should put Tatum in Preschool this year or not. I decided not to because I was unsure how this so called adjustment period would be, plus he is really advanced for his age. 
So in efforts to make myself feel better about my poor parenting I decided to enroll Tatum in some extra curricular activities. I put him back in his gym class, which he LOVES! and I signed him up for Tot Soccer. 
He was so excited to start soccer, especially when we got him some awesome cleats and shin guards. 
I signed him up with 2 of our neighborhood boys, Brandon and Hunter.

Here is his team with Coach Jackman.

They only played 4 on 4. These poor kids were never taught how to play soccer. I guess a practice would have been a good idea seeing how they had no clue what they were doing! It was pretty entertaining though. They were running in the wrong direction, staring off into space, occasionally I would catch Tatum following his shadow.
So funny!

 They all got yellow jerseys to wear over their shirts. They were way to big on them.

Exhibit A:

Coach had the idea of tying them in the back. Just shows how little these kids really are.

Here are the 3 musketeers...Tatum, Hunter and Brandon eating their after game snacks.

After the game we decided that a practice was very much needed. Eric got out the cones and trained Tatum on the ways of Soccer!
Turns out a little nudge in the right direction was all Tatum needed! 


 When Tatum isn't going to Gym or Soccer he is outside playing with Brandon. Brandon is our backyard neighbor and his about 6 months older than Tatum. 

We could not have asked for better neighbors!

These two boys are so cute together and seriously LOVE to play with each other. Just Yesterday they wanted to have a camp-out. So we got out all of the tents and let them have their fun.
Here is their "camp site".

These boys are seriously so cute and I am so grateful for all of the little friends that Tatum has made. 
It really has made my life so much easier!


Brian and Alicia said...

How cute! I love your pics. I'm so glad things are going well and Tatum is adjusting! We need to get together again!

Hepworth House said...

Hope he still has a game I can come watch.