Thursday, January 16, 2014


When you spend 3 days at Disneyland you tend to have about 1 million pictures to go through. This was the last segment of our trip and I must say that 3 days is a long time! I think by the end of the second day we had seen and done everything possible. 

On the third day we got to go into the park an hour early with our passes. We hit up all of Fantasy land before the big crowds hit. It still was packed :( We really didn't have to wait in any lines the whole trip. We timed everything just right where we used fast passes on all the major rides and got to ride everything at least twice! 

Tatum's favorite ride was Tower of Terror and Trey's was "Cars 2". I must say they both have good taste because those are my favorites as well :)

Tatum got to do Jedi Training twice and fought Darth Vader both times.

We saw so many characters which made Trey so happy!

We saw all of the parades, which were so amazing!

We snuck Trey on a bunch of rides. He is just barely under 40 inches which is the minimum height on a huge amount of rides including Cars.  Funny story: I wanted Trey to go on Cars more than any other ride because he is so obsessed with McQueen. We tested his height out on a few rides that were 40 inches and some let him on and some didn't. When they didn't we would just skip in line further down and tell him to stand on his tip toes and it always worked. Well we didn't want to take any chances with the cars ride, so Eric stuffed his shoes with paper towels. When he got to the front they checked his height and he barely made it! And it was so worth it to see his smile on that ride :)

Bad picture but look how small Trey is in the front, you can barely see him!

Tom Sawyer Island, pretty sure its not called that anymore.

Another funny story. The whole 3 days Trey kept talking about wanting to go on the Mickey Mouse ride. Those of you who have been to Disneyland know there isn't a Mickey Mouse ride, just his house. So on the last day I took him on the rockets in California Adventure and it wasn't until we were high in the air across from the Ferris wheel that i realized what the Mickey Mouse ride was. He was happy when we finally figured it out :)

Tatum loved the rapids and went on it 3 times.

What a wonderful (tiring) trip! Its kind of sad that this will be our last Disneyland trip for a while, due to a new baby :)

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