Sunday, January 26, 2014

Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve we had a tradition of going over to Grandma & Grandpa Wilson's house for dinner and a nativity and then Grandpa would play "Santa" and give all of the grandchildren a gift. Well last Christmas Grandpa past away the day before Christmas Eve. It was such a special memory that the Larsen family decided to keep the tradition going by having Eric's Dad play "Santa" for his own grandchildren. Of course the kids loved it and I hope it will become something very special to them as the years go on.

We still went to visit Grandma Wilson and participated in the nativity. It was crowded and dark so my pictures didn't turn out very good but I can just tell you that Tatum was one cute Shepard and Trey was a great Wise Man.

We ended the night singing some songs and listening to Grandma share some precious stories from her past. I filmed it and am so grateful for that tender moment to remember her when she is no longer with us.

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