Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Universal Studios

The day after we went to Sea World we got up early again to go to Universal Studios. I haven't been to Universal for since I was probably 12 even though I grew up about 10 minutes away. So it was fun to go again and see what has changed (not much) and bring back old memories. The kids loved it because there were so many characters walking around the park for them to see. Some of them they didn't know or even care about, but they still loved to get a quick pic with them. Our favorite was the minions!

The boys absolutely loved water world, what boy wouldn't? Its action packed with fire and explosions and shooting and fighting!

We did the famous tram tour ride and saw Grinch Land and then headed down to Jurassic Park and Transformers. Tatum loved Jurassic park and went on it probably 3 times. Trey thought Transformers was pretty cool and even cooler when he got to meet all of them live! Optimus Prime told us to show him our muscles so we could be ready for battle :)

We had such a fun day but ended up leaving early because we had seen and done everything. My parents live so close so we went over to their house for dinner afterwards. Really it was a fun day but I don't think we need to go back anytime soon ;)

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