Friday, March 21, 2014

Discovery Gateway

A couple of weeks ago the kids had a day off from school and a coworker of Eric's invited us to the Discovery Gateway Museum. Its been so long since we had been there that everything was new to them.

My boys just ran from one thing to the next with the exception of the market. They played here for probably 45 min, no joke! I need one of these in my basement. It was so funny to me to see their different personalities while playing in the market. Tatum would take a shopping cart and sort all of the food exactly where it goes, Trey on the other hand would be the one to fill the cart and then just dump it.

I couldn't get these two to look at the camera for the life of me. Below I said "look at the camera" and they looked at the lady with a camera next to me...geesh!

My construction workers

And of course we had to ride the helicopter. There was a line and kids would not move out of the way for a picture.

My kids played so long and hard that on the drive home they passed out. Such a fun day.

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