Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tatum is 7!

What on Earth makes my little boy think its ok to grow up? I seriously feel so old to already have a 7 year old! I get so nervous with each year that passes at the thought of my little boy growing up. I honestly wish I could freeze time right now. I love this boy more than anything. He is so smart, loving, sincere, caring, compassionate and faithful. He loves the Gospel and loves to go to school. He is reading at a second grade level and is almost to 3rd grade math. He loves his brother and soon to be sister. Tatum I have talks about his baby sister almost daily and I am always shocked at the excitement in his voice as he asks me detailed questions about her. I know that he will be so good to her and always protect her. Everyday I am so proud to be his Mother.

For Tatum's birthday we did the normal morning routine. Streamers and balloons in his room filled with $1 for each year of his life. 

Then it was off to school. Today they stopped school for an hour to line the streets of Alpine to welcome home Olympic bobsled medalist Chris Fogt. I met Tatum at school to see the event and I have to say it was pretty cool. Eric went to school with Chris and knew him pretty well, but it still was a neat experience to see a bronze metal up close. The school gave a free dress day to wear red, white and blue to support the Olympian.

These ladies below were so annoying. They work at the dermatology center across the street and kept butting in to get their picture with Chris. It was totally taking away from the kids and because of them a lot of kids missed out on touching the medal. Lame.

This was Tatum's reaction after he touched the medal! Priceless.

Afterwards I signed Tatum out and took him to McDonald's for lunch. Why is it that every kid picks that place to eat, the food is nasty! 

After school we took a few close friends to Hang Time for his party. They all had so much fun playing dodge ball, doing flips into the pits, playing basketball and jumping on the tramps.

Trey was adorable as he would jump in. 
He would hardly get any air but thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Our friend Gannon came to help with the kids. He attempted to karate kick the punching bag which is so high in the air that I don't think anyone could reach it.

We let them play for a while and then had pizza and cake and presents. I love Tatum's reactions while opening his gifts.

This boy had such a fun and successful birthday and this Mom is so glad the party is over with. Its so nice to do it all in one day :)

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