Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Valentines Day

I'm usually about one Holiday behind on here by the time I get around to blogging again.

This Valentines Day was pretty busy. We started off the Holiday off with a night out to my favorite restaurant, Pei Wei. We went out the night before to avoid the crowds which I love because it just makes for 2 days of celebrating. Eric and I always try to do something special for this Holiday because it marks the anniversary of our engagement. I can't believe it has been 9 years since he proposed!!

The next day Tatum woke up to some surprises downstairs. Tatum wakes up about an hour before Trey does to get ready for school which makes little Holidays like this kind of difficult. Plus our mornings are always hectic and short on time so we really had to rush to pack it all in. My boys are so into Disney Infinity, so we got each of them a new character for the game and a few little treats. And why not start the day off with loads of sugar with some donuts. Really that was my lazy way of making breakfast fun :)

A bit later I got to help with Tatum's class party. Each kid made their own valentines box for the valentines exchange. Tatum insisted on a minecraft box and smores for his valentines. He loved helping me put these together.

During his party the made an owl craft, decorated cookies, played bingo and did a relay race. For the relay they had to put on funny costumes and I had to bribe Tatum to wear this wig.

I took some pictures for our ward daddy daughter dinner and talked them into letting me borrow these adorable props. I attempted a photo shoot with my boys but it was a cloudy day and my boys struggled to cooperate, but its documented and that's all that matters :)

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