Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Father Son Outings

Tatum is getting to such a fun age where we really get to see him develop a passion for sports. He has become such a huge BYU fan, which makes for one proud Dad! Eric gets tickets to the basketball games through his work and loves to take Tatum with him. Tatum will cheer them on and dance to the music like a true fan. As long as Dad provides lots of popcorn and ice cream, he is one happy camper. On one occasion Eric got to take Tatum and Trey down to the dressing room and meet a bunch of the players. Pretty cool if you ask me. 

Tatum also loves to ski. This year Eric got him his very own season pass and it has become something that the two of them really enjoy to do together. Normally I would tag along, but my current pregnant condition prohibits that. Maybe next year ;) 

Tatum has become so good at skiing too. Eric normally snowboards but bought some skis so that he could help Tatum get on and off the lift. On one occasion Eric dropped one of his poles at the top of the mountain. It took him a bit to retrieve it and once he did Tatum was half way down the mountain! Eric didn't catch up with him until he was at the bottom and waiting to get back on the lift again. 

This boy is such a stud and it makes me so happy to see him do the things he loves.

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