Monday, October 8, 2007

Conference Weekend

I enjoy conference weekend so much. It is always such a relaxing weekend for me. For the Sunday session we go up to Alpine to my in laws house and have breakfast with them. This session was especially neat for me because we got to hear from President Doug Callister of the Seventy. It is really cool because he is from my home town in La CaƱada California. I used to watch his grandkids and his wife was a seminary teacher. When I was in 9th grade, President Hinckley came to his house to call him to be a general authority. He was there during school hours, so at lunch time my sister and her friends went to visit him. I was really jealous that I couldnt go, due to no off campus permit. Still it was pretty neat.

After conference we had dinner and some of our friends (Scott and Natalie, Bj and Steve) came over to play volleyball with us. I forgot my camera so I couldnt capture any cool spikes. Overall we had a blast!

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