Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Its funny how now a days our society takes a holiday and stretches out the CeLebrAtioN to a week long event. We have done this with Halloween this year. Our celebration started on Friday with a party at Shaun and Marin's house in Orem. This party was for some of Eric's high school friends. The following day we had a ward Halloween party that we were not able to attend due to yet another Halloween party. This one was for Eric's work and it was at the Crowshaw's ranch down in Mapleton. Then finally we had our annual Halloween party at our house on Tuesday. This one was for some of our neighbors and married friends, where we enjoyed soup, treats and some wicked GuiTar HeRo. By this time i think we were pretty sick of our costumes and it wasn't even Halloween yet! On Halloween we took Tatum to Novell, where Eric's aunt Julie works, to go TriCk-Or-TrEatiNg from cubicle to cubicle. Its so fun to have an excuse to go Trick-or-Treating again.

This year we dressed up with a "WiZarD oF oZ" theme, I was Dorothy, Eric was the Scarecrow, and Tatum was the Cowardly Lion.

Lions and Tigers and....ZEBRAS oh my!!!

My favorite was little Ryder the SUMO WRESTLER.

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