Friday, November 16, 2007

Am I at RObErtS???

Last night some girls in the family decided to have a scrapbook night. We went to Aunt Shannon's house and scrapbooked because she got a TON of stuff from one of her friends that owns a scrapbook store. Well we get started on our pages when Shannon brings out a bag of stuff for everyone to take home. This bag had rub-ons, paper, ribbons, books.... well you get the idea, there was alot of cool stuff. Well then as I am getting ready to leave she takes me into her scrapbook room, which looks like it came straight out of RoBerTs CrAftS, and gives me probably twice as much stuff!! If I were to buy all of this from a store it would probably add up to about $500!!! Lets just say I will be scrapbooking for months to come:)

Here is Shannon's scrapbooking looks like a store!

This wasn't even a portion of the stuff she had...there were crates packed full of stuff hidden everywhere!

Here is some of the things she gave me.

Here are some of the pages I have done. Sorry they are bad pictures...I don't have a scanner :( I know I am really behind with my scrapbook, but with my new stuff, I will catch up in no time!!

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