Monday, November 19, 2007

Warning: Extremely Addicting Ahead...

I just finished reading the TwiLigHt series. These books were so good that I could not put them down. I read all 3 books in a matter of 2 weeks. Eric thought I was such a NeRd because all of my spare time was devoted to reading. If I could have, I would have spent every minute of everyday reading until I finished, but I have a life and a baby so that was not an option. I haven't been this into a book since I read the "HarRy PoTteR" series, which Twilight stole the #1 spot from. I definitely recommend these books, especially if you are a hopeless RoManTiC like I am. But if not these books have a good mix of romance and suspense that I think everyone would like! I took a quiz that told me I am the most like Esme, which is one of my favorite characters.

Which Twilight novel character are you?

You're Esme Cullen - Your maternal instinct to take care of people and be kind draw people towards you. You're compassionate and loving, yet firm when you need to be. You appreciate hard work and value the beautiful results of your dedication to any project.

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