Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mischevious boy

The other day we got a taste of what Tatum will be like eating his birthday cake on his 1st birthday! Eric's sister Rachel gave Tatum an Oreo cookie...he has never had one before. I let it slide this time only because it was a new experience and he is almost 1! Lets just say he LoVeD It!!!

Lately Tatum has been walking, of course while holding on to something! This is his favorite thing to do. He could be screaming while I am holding him, but the second I put him down he is just fine! Now that he knows how to move around, he has been getting into EverYtHinG! The other day I was doing laundry and he was in his room playing, the next thing I know he was pulling the clothes out of the dryer. He moves so fast! Another time he was in my room and I went to throw away something outside. Well I came inside to see he at the top of the stairs smiling and waving at me!! I freaked out!! I now have to constantly watch him. He is such a mischievous boy!!!

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