Monday, February 11, 2008

Welcome Home Jake

This was such an exciting weekend because Eric's brother Jake came home from his mission!! On Friday night we slept over at Eric's parents house so that we could wake up early and help clean their house and get ready for Jake to come home. Well after a stressful morning we finally got to the airport and brought balloons and signs to await Jake's arrival. It was so exciting to finally see him again! My favorite part was seeing Hunter run up to Jake and give him a hug...he missed him so much! It was so cool to see him meet his new nephews for the first time!
After the airport we went back to Eric's parents house and looked at pictures and heard stories from his mission. Bolivia is such an amazing mission...each missionaries goal is 5 baptisms a month! While his parents were in Bolivia, Jake had 4 baptisms alone! We all are so proud of him! Everyone helped Jake return to "normal" life by introducing him to the Wii and watching his first Jazz game. Its fun to see him adjust to life in the real world again!

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