Monday, January 16, 2012

All about Trey

On the 3rd of this month our little Trey turned 18 months old. For me this was a huge milestone! For months I have been battling Trey at church and pretty much got to the point of just taking him home because it was too hard. Now he is finally in nursery and everyone is loving it. For Christmas Trey got a drum set. He loves music and especially loves his drums. These pictures remind me of this post back when Tatum got his first drum set.

A few weeks before Christmas Trey fell and chipped his tooth (to read more about it click here). A week went by and he woke up with a swollen lip and his tooth was bleeding. I rushed him to the dentist were we found out the tooth had abscessed and needed to be pulled. We had it scheduled for a few days later but I wasn't happy with the plan. We took Trey in for a second opinion where the dentist said he might be able to save the tooth. The next morning we brought Trey in for the surgery. They put him under and starting drilling his tooth when they found it couldn't be saved. So they had to pull it. I was pretty sad about it but soon realized that it wasn't that big of a deal. Yes he will be my little "toothless" for a few years until his adult tooth comes in, but it hasn't changed a thing about him. If anything it adds a bit more personality :)

Trey is a very curious and mischievous kid. He currently has an infatuation with Monkeys...and actually reminds me of Curious George. With Tatum we never had to child proof anything because he simply wouldn't get into anything. Trey is completely opposite. If there is something you don't want him to have, he will find a way to get it. This is a typical day for Trey...

For his 18 month check Trey came out above average on all of his stats. Which means in no time he will surpass Tatum! We just love this little monkey more than anything and wouldn't change one thing about him!

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Frenchfam said...

We call Ava monkey! And the pictures of him are priceless! love the one of him eating in his chair... so cute!