Wednesday, December 26, 2012

California : Last and Final Part

Sea World

On Friday we went to Sea World with the whole family. I haven't been to Sea World since I was a little girl and it was so fun to take the kids and experience nature that way. After a day at Disneyland and Legoland, all Tatum wanted to do was go on rides. Tatum was a bit confused at first were the rides were but soon realized how cool this place really was.

This show was so funny. Everyone loved it up until this guy started growling, then Trey was a bit unsure.

The dolphin show was pretty impressive. It was amazing the things these dolphins could do.

Trey loves Elmo and was so excited to see Zoe and Elmo!

One of my favorite things was to see the turtles.

And of course we had to go see Shamu! It wouldn't be a Sea World trip without Shamu!

Right after Shamu we had to run over to the last showing of Polar Express. This was such a cool show. It was a shorter version of the movie but it was a 4D experience which included making it snow!

Legoland Day 2

Our last day in Cali, we went back to Legoland. As if we havn't done enough on this trip! It was nice to spend another day there and just take our time going through everything. Legoland also has a pretty cool aquarium that our passes got us into.

I can't believe how brave Tatum is. He has no fear when it comes to rides. His favorite ride there was the biggest roller coaster in the park and he went on it at least 4 times with his hands in the air!

Right where these boys belong....I need one at my house ;)

Everywhere you look...

This was the biggest crab I have ever seen...

The last family photo of our trip...

This trip was so much fun but it sure was exhausting.
Back to reality and into rush mode for Christmas!!

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