Tuesday, December 18, 2012

California: Part 1

On December 1st we took a kind of spontaneous trip to California. We had a time share we needed to use by the end of the year and something popped up in Carlsbad the exact week that Eric's brother and parents were going. We went for 8 days and packed every single day full of activities. I was a bit worried about the long drive with the kids so I printed off a bunch of fun activities to entertain them. I made this roadtrip countdown for Tatum which he loved.

The first stop was my parents house. We stayed with them on Saturday night and were able to go to dinner with my Grandpa Chachi. We had a kind of scary experience in the parking lot of a Sizzler in Burbank. A drunken old man confronted Eric about buying some dolls and when Eric refused he threw them on the ground and tried to punch out the windows of the car next to us. He wreaked of alcohol and used a lot of profanity and Eric knew it wasn't safe to be around him. He called the cops because he was sure the man would come back to vandalize our car. The man ran off and the police couldn't find him. Welcome to LA! On a happy note it was great to see Chachi!

The next day we left my parents house and went to stay at Dustin's hotel. We got up bright and early to go to Disneyland. It was so fun to spend the day with Grandma and Grandpa and Dustin and Steph and see their kids enjoy Disneyland for their first time!

 This Aladdin show is one of our favorites, even Trey sat still and watched the whole thing!

We got to go to the new cars land while we were there. It was so much fun. The McQueen ride is by far the best ride there! Trey couldn't go on it so instead he went on this tractor ride over and over. He loved it!

This lady next to Trey thought he was so cute and would tickle him to get him to pull this face...

Disneyland during Christmas is my favorite! I love small world and the castle, just breathtaking!

Its crazy to think that this was just the beginning of our trip...so much more to come!


Frenchfam said...

Ava was looking at these pics b/c we are taking her to Disney this coming year. She LOVED Lightning McQueen and Mater and the Castle, but she said "look mom it's Ashton's big brother!" Ashton is my brother's little boy, he is 2. When she said that I looked at your boys and thought well I can totally see why she said that, except she knows Ashton only has a little sister....

stephanie said...

Sooooo, cute! All of those pictures are so great!