Monday, December 31, 2012

Pre Christmas Fun

We have had such a busy holiday! We started it with the Larsen Christmas party. Eric's uncle put him in charge of getting 40 white elephant gifts for everyone and he did such a great job. Everyone loved their gifts! We did Christmas charades and a live nativity which is always the highlight.

Tatum loved his magic set and hid it from everyone until the game was over! Trey got the perfect gift...a stuffed monkey!

For our neighbor gifts this year I made these packages filled with reindeer feed, which is oats with glitter. You spread it around the yard on Christmas Eve to help the reindeer find your house.

Santa came to our rec center! He drove up in a fire engine and brought the kids candy canes. I was so surprised that Trey didn't cry, in fact he wouldn't stop talking about Santa!

On Christmas Eve we got so much snow! We spent the day sledding and playing in it and the kids had such a great time. My little sisters car was covered!

I love the feeling of Christmas Eve. Sitting around the tree watching movies in front of the fire, theres nothing better in my mind.

This is Tatum's ornament that he made me this year. I seriously love it!


Frenchfam said...

How do you do your ribbon like that on your tree? so pretty!

{Elyse} said...

Katie it was easy to get my ribbon like that. All I did was cut the ribbon in pieces and just stick them in the tree where I wanted them. It looks like the ribbon is continuous but it is actually just small pieces strategically placed :)