Friday, December 21, 2012

California : Part 2


The day after Disneyland we drove to Carlsbad to stay in at our resort for the rest of the week. We were right on the beach and could hear the sound of waves crashing from our room. It was heaven. It was a bit cold because it was December, but we still made the most of it. Our place was the one on the hill...

We went down to the beach every night and walked around the boardwalk. I absolutely love this picture...

The sun came out so we hurried down to the beach to let the kids play but it didn't last long before it got cold.

We were the only people out on the beach except for this fisherman. All of the locals thought we were crazy!

Tatum had fun running from the waves...

and Trey enjoyed chasing the birds...

But they soon got wet and cold and needed to be bundled up and get a drink.

As it was getting dark Eric had some friends come and teach him how to surf.

It got dark and I couldn't take any pictures of them but I did snap a picture of this ship that was right by them...Kind of cool.

That night the kids were so cold and tired that we just played in our room.

The next morning the kids woke up and saw that Elfie followed us to California!


Our hotel was only 5 min away from Legoland so we got 2 day passes and spent the whole next day there. The kids loved it and so did Eric and I. It is so kid friendly there and no one was there so we walked on every ride!

There were a few rides that Trey couldn't go on so I took him to build legos. They have these spots all over the park where the kids can just play with legos. 

They had this one ride where you go through drivers ed and get a drivers license and then you get to drive a real car. It is so cute beacuse it has actual streets with stop signs.

And then there was Star Wars Miniland. So cool!!

Trey's favorite ride...

We also got to see Santa and a lego soldier while we were there.

I love how Trey is trying to solute like the soldier!

By the end of the day were exhausted!!

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